Sunday, December 14, 2008

What is She Wearing?

Another way the female body image is portrayed through the media is by fashion. Fashion and a women body are greatly interconnected. Women are driven to look beautiful and be fashionable. However society quickly judges a woman when she is not “correctly” dressed. This usually means that she is wearing something daring or extremely unique. Due to this according to society, she does not have taste, style and is not beautiful and unappealing. Therefore woman especially celebrities are self-consciousness about what they wear. They are quickly judged upon demonized for their choice of clothing. Gossip and fashion magazines quickly judge or compliment celebrities fashion. For example in US Weekly they have listed “2008’s Worst Dressed” and “Best Dressed in 2008”. In Vogue magazines they have listed “Ten Best Dressed” and the list of examples can go on and on.

The What is she wearing? craze has even reached the White House. Since the election of Barack Obama, Michelle Obama has been under the spotlight. Her fashion options have been under scrutiny from the media especially from fashion and gossip magazines. Every time she chooses an outfit she is on the tabloids. For now, she has received positive comments on her choice of fashion and has been compared to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis for being a fashion setter. Now everyone is speculating what she will wear for Barack Obama’s inauguration as president. I guess we will see.
Due to the high criticism from society women receive, they become more self-consciousness about what they wear and what others will think. They become more aware of their surroundings of what is in or out in the fashion industry. Nobody wants to look or be seen as ugly; therefore women conform to what society wants. For the most part women do not wear things that are daring and unique because of the high criticism which can have negative consequences.


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ledholm said...

I hate how the media refuses to show Michelle Obama as anything more then just Barack's sidekick. Why not take some time to learn about what she wants to do while in the White House, not just what she wants to wear while she is there? One think I thought was really interesting at the time was, the day after elections, the biggest headline on Fox News wasn't Obama's landslide victory, but rather commenting on Michelle's dress and how it was a fashion faux pas during his acceptance speech. Way to keep the priorities straight, media.

Anonymous said...

Yes, women get judged quite harshly. Not only are we supposed to wear something beautiful we are supposed to wear something age appropriate. Women are seen as eccentric if they are older and try to wear some of the fashions that younger women wear. When men look good they are praised and called silver foxes. When women try to look good and wear clothes designed for younger women, they are called cougars in a derogatory way.

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Frank said...

The old maxim of the clothes make the man..or woman? As Darlinnikki said, there does seem to be a prevalent double standard. Not only is the double standard perpetuated but is also subsidized socially by maintaining a misogynistic status quo and glass ceiling effect. Self image problems are not just a construct of those with ED seeking attention. Recent study
analyzed those suffering from eating disorders draw a negative or self deprecating image of themselves. Can’t communicate the realty of ED psychologically much more strait forward then that.